The Imposter Documentary Trailer – The True Story Behind Nicholas Barclay’s Disappearance

The Imposter. Directed by Bart Layton.

In Bart Layton’s The Imposter, a 16-year-old boy found in Linares, Spain is reunited with his family three years after his disappearance from San Antonio, Texas. Despite various inconsistencies between the boy who has returned and the one who vanished—including eye color and a newly accented English—neither his parents nor authorities question his identity until a private eye investigates for a news channel. The boy who claimed to be Nicholas Barclay is in fact a 23-year-old man, a twist revealed early on.

And oh yeah, it’s a documentary. The would-be Nicholas Barclay’s true identity turns out to be one of the less disturbing aspects of the film, which examines Barclay’s parents’ suspiciously eager acceptance of the stranger as their son.

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