APE Author Publisher Entrepreneur Book CoverGuy Kawasaki knows a thing or two about Technology, Marketing and writing best-selling books, so when he writes a how-to about self-publishing, aspiring authors looking to get published pay attention. Former Chief Evangelist for Apple, Alltop.com Co-founder and best-selling author Guy Kawasaki’s new book Co-authored with Shawn Welch, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How Publish a Book, simplifies the process of writing, editing, publishing and promoting your own book. While Kawasaki puts together a plan and strategy for writers, he is really putting together the blue print for self empowerment that can be applied not only to book publishing, but also to the realms of photography, film, and art.

There is now a method to the madness. Authors, Publishers, and Entrepreneurs now have a true Art of the Start to follow that explains the intricacies of self publishing. While Kawasaki says he is exhausted from writing his current book, an Apple a day keeps the doctor away, and I believe and have recommended to Guy that APE could just be the beginning of series of books aimed at de-mystifying self-publishing and promotion for a variety of creative industries and individuals like filmmakers, musicians and visual artists.

Kawasaki and Welch have cut through the clutter and provided a strategy for writers that I strive for with respect to filmmakers with The FreeStyle Life Platform. I am honored to be able recommend Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch’s new book APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book, which is available on December 10, 2012.

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