Exclusive Footage from “Outspoken”

emmanuel jal in concert from the documentary outspoken

Yesterday, Monday, August 6, director Sarita Siegel introduced her current project, “Outspoken,” during a live Q & A. The film documents artists around the world who rap for political causes. Miss out? See below for exclusive footage from the film.

Like Siegel, Te Kupu is a native of New Zealand. He was among the first to rap in Maori in the 1980s. “Doing that in New Zealand at that time was critical. I think we all think of him as a real maverick,” Siegel noted.

Emmanuel Jal is a former child soldier. “I lost my home, that’s politics. I became a child soldier, that’s politics. I became a refugee, that’s still still politics. I’m still rapping now talking about my story, that’s still politics. My life has been politics, and it’s gonna be like that for a very long time.”

Last but not least, Zayar Thaw went from being a Burmese political prisoner to being a member of its parliament:

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