The FreeStyle Life Announces 2012 Audience Award Winners

April 4th 12PM EST – The FreeStyle Life announced the winners of its 2012 Film Exhibition. The winning films were determined by the filmmaking community and The FreeStyle Life’s audience, as exhibition participants were able to vote for their favorite films and filmmakers. The 25 films in competition were organized according to genre category, including Best Narrative Feature Film, Best Documentary, Best Short Film, Best Student Film, and Best Music Video. The Golden Swan Award, given to the most outstanding overall achievement in filmmaking, will be announced tomorrow.

Here are the Audience Award winners:

Best Feature Film – Lupo della Notte by Giovanni Ficetola and Mateo Fontana
A young fighter who has always lived by the discipline and integrity of the martial arts, finds his values shaken when he is forced into the underworld of underground fighting.

Best Documentary Film – Fire Burn Babylon by Sarita Siegel
After a volcano destroys their Caribbean home, three Rastafarian friends try to reinvent themselves in East London.

Eskimo Squad members Lyndon, I-Shaka and Elroy in Sarita Siegel's documentary Fire Burn Babylon.

Best Short Film – The Ballad of Sandeep by Derek Frey
After his IT job is outsourced to Bangalore, Sandeep Majumdar (played by Deep Roy) sets up a remote access in his apartment, tricking his former company into believing that he is really working from India.

Best Student Film – The Record by Takeya Aso
A group of college students help their friend investigate the mysterious death of her grandfather. What they find is more than a mystery…

Best Music Video – My Will to Live by Nico Greco and Lara Calenza
Italian rocker and songwriter Nico Greco stays true to the Seventies and explores peace, love, and nature in his music video “My Will to Live”.

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