The FreeStyle Life Helps Music Documentary Better Than Something: Jay Reatard Sell Out The IFC

NEW YORK, NY – November 8, 2011 – Directors Ian Markowicz and Alex Hammond felt that rock star moment of excitement and success when their latest documentary BETTER THAN SOMETHING: JAY REATARD sold out the IFC, turning away late-commers without tickets.

Chief Publishing Officer of The FreeStyle Life, Mary Kate Roach said “Ian & Alex are gifted filmmakers and it is projects such as BETTER THAN SOMETHING: JAY REATARD that are vital to The FreeStyle Life’s existence.”

BETTER THAN SOMETHING: JAY REATARD was promoted throughout The FreeStyle Life Platform, encompassing the, their Google and YouTube Partnership, major social media outlets and The FreeStyle Life’s personal network of media industry leaders.

Through The FreeStyle Life, Markowicz and Hammond were not only able to build global awareness for their music documentary, but they were also able to reach a local New York niche of devoted Jay Reatard fans and music enthusiasts. This group of passionate music and film fans are the lifeblood of the The FreeStyle Life and online video platform harnesses the power of this audience by allowing its users to seamlessly share exciting content on their favorite social networks with just a click.

The packed IFC theater exemplifies the authenticity, power, and impact that passionate individuals  can have through social media and explains the enormous turnout for the indie rock documentary. The Founder and CEO of the FreeStyle Life Tommy Swanhaus summed it up best saying “We look to give high quality filmmakers, artists, and musicians a global platform to showcase, spread, and monetize their work. Our goal to help these talented individuals keep doing not only what they are good at, but what they love.”

BETTER THAN SOMETHING; JAY REATARD was named one of the Best Music Documentaries of 2011 by The Onion A.V. Club and recently premiered in Vancouver at the Pacific Cinematheque. We’ll keep you updated on where this breakthrough rock doc travels next.

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